How to Stop Procrastination From Stealing Your Seventh Step to Success in Your Home-Based Business

Your telephone feels like a hundred pounds when you pick it up to call your leads. You made the decision to be a success in your home based business yet you procrastinate in making those phone calls. Napoleon Hill in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” states that decision is the seventh step to riches. The Latin root for the word decision means to cut off from alternatives. You looked at all the different scenarios, and then you severed the unacceptable ones. The scenario that is left is the one that you pursue. Your decision making process must be very efficient and effective. The opposite of decision is procrastination, ironically procrastination is normally the decision that most people make. When you don’t make those phone calls, then you are allowing procrastination to run your home based business. Your success or failure in your home based business is dependent on your actions or in actions.The people who overcome procrastination will allow the results to make the necessary statement. A 26.2 mile marathon is not completed until the runner makes the decision to take the first step. The majority of failures may be attributed to a lack of decision. Inaction is a major cause of failure in the decision making process. Major corporations that previously use to sweep failures under the rug are now looking at them more closely. These corporations are trying to learn from these failures to avoid the same thing happening in the future. Most successful people make decisions quickly and are very slow to change them. The unsuccessful person makes decision slowly and changes them rapidly.The ultimate goal is to make the proper decisions in ensuring success in your home based business. If people with opinions change your mind frequently, you will never attract money to your home based business. Your carefully selected mastermind group is the only people that you should receive an “opinion” on your proposal. There are a number of different ways to evaluate a situation, choose one and use it to come to a final decision. When you reach decisions in a timely manner you, then you become a master over procrastination. The toughest decisions to make are those that not only impact your life, but also your family.The value of your decisions is depended on your courage to make them. The great decisions made by leaders, such as Abraham Lincoln was reached at great risks. Abraham Lincoln made decisions that ultimately led to his death. The decisions you make not only impact you but affect everyone in your life. The conclusion that you reached after consideration must not be taken lightly. Procrastination is a twin to indecision. You must make the decision to be successful in your home based business and commit to it. If you don’t make decisions, then procrastination will steal your success in your home based business.

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